Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Win a copy of Wonder by R.J. Palacio

The movie adaptation of R.J. Palacio's amazing book, Wonder, comes to cinemas this week.  I'm really excited to see the movie because it's one of my favourite books.

Check out the movie trailer 

This week I have 3 copies of Wonder for you to win.  All you have to do to get in the draw is leave a comment telling me:

What is your favourite movie based on a book?

Friday, 3 November 2017

The Book of Dance

I would recommend this book to all the keen dancers out there.  This book certainly taught me about dance. Every page is full of facts about different dances, from Irish to Hip Hop and Ballet.  I seriously LOVE this book!

Reviewed by Lena Abdinor.

Summer's Dream by Cathy Cassidy

I would really recommend this book to people who love ballet. In this book Summer tries to get a scholarship to a new dance school but insists on taking on a new diet as well.  Summer ends up taking the wrong pathway to ballet life.  This is from the Chocolate Box Girls series.

Reviewed by Lena Abdinor.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Teddy Sleep Over in the Library

Last night in the library we had our Spooktacular Night at the Library.  We shared some spooky picture books, made some creepy masks and eyeball bookmarks and we also had a teddy sleepover.  The kids who came along brought a special friend who then stayed over night in the library.

Here are just some of the things they got up to last night:

Give yourself a scare with these spooky reads

Do you like spooky stories?  We have heaps of spooky books in the library for you to borrow, from spooky-but-funny right through to super scary.

Here are some of Mr McCallum's favourite spooky stories.  Come and ask him about them and you could win a spooky story of your own.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Showtym Adventures: Dandy the Mountain Pony by Kelly Wilson

Showtym Adventures:
Dandy, the Mountain
By Kelly G. Wilson

This is a must-have book for horse lovers.Kelly Wilson’s first novel is an amazing story about a wild mountain stallion that her sister Vicky tries to tame but Dandy just won't cooperate.Join Kelly and her sisters in this awesome story about friendship and wild horses. I just can’t wait for her second book.The Wilson sisters have become famous because of a tv show called ‘Keeping up with the Kaimanawas’. Kelly has written many more books for adults.   
I give this book a 10/10
By Alice

Birthday Boy by David Baddiel

Birthday boy is a book about an 11 year old Boy named Sam. After his proper birthday Sam wished on a falling star.

And guess what... his birthday happened again the next day and the next and it continued for a year.

After Sam’s favorite Grandpa, Grandpa Sam goes missing, Sam wants to go to the place where he thought the falling star fell, a little island in the middle of river, so he could unwish his birthday every day. So then he can help look for Grandpa Sam. What he discovers on the small island is Amazing, strange and different...

Review by Annabel Diprose.